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Liam O'Brien is M D at OBRIEN RECRUITMENT and brings unrivalled management expertise in the Recruitment and Training sectors. Liam worked with the National Employment and Training Authority for over 30 years,and he brings the experience gained across most sectors of the economy to this new business. With such expertise and Liam's enthusiasm and commitment clients of OBRIEN RECRUITMENT can look forward to multiple successful outcomes. We contract with colleagues/experts throughout Ireland to identify the highest calibre of workers available to us. This gives us the edge in being able to identify,assess,rank and select the very best candidates for your vacancy. Local knowledge on the ground is the most important factor in identifying the right people and we have direct access to this invaluable knowledge and expertise. Cumulatively we have hundreds of years of experience in the recruitment and training sectors. We expertly select candidates with the right qualifications and commitment and then plan and organise individual training as appropriate for each candidate/opportunity. We brief successful candidates extensively on their new working environment. With unprecedented unemployment levels in Ireland of nearly 500,000 people,the pool of talent available to us is is massive,and we will match the best with the best.



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We individually interview and assess each jobseeker to ensure you have the right person for your job.