Construction Industry

Irish workers are renowned all over the world for their skill,commitment,work ethic and pioneering attitude. With 500,000 people unemployed in Ireland,we are able to offer construction project employers the highest standards of worker to be found. At Obrienrecruitment we have the connections in the construction industry in UK and Canada to offer our jobseekers the very best job opportunities. Vacancies range right across all the disciplines in the construction industry from general building operatives to skilled tradesmen to engineers to foremen. We have the knowledge and personal access on the ground to make the best assessments and recommendations to employers. For you the jobseeker,we know how difficult it is for you to make the contact for vacancies... we do this for you as well as helping you with all the know how needed  to take up new employment. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A FRIEND IN OBRIEN RECRUITMENT.



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We individually interview and assess each jobseeker to ensure you have the right person for your job.