• I have never worked offshore...why should I consider it?

    If you are hardworking, ambitious and willing to train/learn you will enjoy working
    in a well structured,quality assured and disciplined environment with huge emphasis
    on quality and safety....career prospects are excellent and salary is too...

  • What qualifications do I need?
    Firstly, you will need to have very good basic skills e.g.qualified tradesman or highly skilled worker. Then you will need special training to work offshore....takes 3 to 10 days (full details in our training section)
  • Where are vacancies located?
    At any one time there are about 11,000 vacancies in the oil and gas industry. About 10% of these are in the North Sea  area (accessed through Aberdeen)
  • What types of vacancies are there?
    Most vacancies look for experienced candidates...however every offshore worker had his first job overseas and
    employers recognise that new people with the right skills and training can adapt excellently to offshore work.
    Job Titles range from Roustabouts(General worker),Crane drivers,Drillers,Tradesmen,Technicians,Medics,
    Engineers,Radio Operator,Storeman,Safety Co ordinator,Various assistants,Catering crews...etc.
  • What happens on an offshore rig?
    An offshore rig is just like a medium sized business but located at sea.Usually about 40 to 100 employees work on an average rig at any one time. Shifts are 12 hours on/off and 2/3 weeks on/off. Canteen, gym and laundry facilities are provided free. Internet(email) is available but there is no provision for mobile phones.
Remember that the environment can be harsh and you will need to be prepared for this.



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